About Us


Sana Chia is to become a major world-class supplier of health, nutrition and energy, promoting and supporting Central American growers and their communities, and becoming a source of life to both, our clients and suppliers.


To deliver the best quality chia seeds and chia seed products to all major markets around the world by 2020, generating work opportunities and advance agricultural communities around Central America in a self-sustainable and consistent way.

Sana Chia’s Background

The Beginning

Over 40 years ago a young, innovative entrepreneur started planting a special string of green beans, never ever planted before in Guatemala. Soon, he started exporting the produce to the US and European markets.

With his flagship quality standards guiding him and great work ethic, he began exporting many other agricultural products, including, pepper, allspice, annatto seeds, coffee, sesame seeds, dehydrated lemon, and fresh lemon, amongst others. But it was cardamom, which spearheaded his successful exporting career over 30 years ago.

Setting standards in quality

Setting standards in quality along the way, Luis Motta has become one of he largest cardamom exporters in the world today. He has presided agricultural businesses in many countries around the world. He owns state-of-the-art facilities to process and pack the highest quality cardamom in Guatemala.

Luis has been an innovator all his life and has grounded his success on high quality standards. His fresh lime operations are Green Planet certified, and continue to be the best-known fresh lime processing plant in Guatemala. The farm and processing plant are Eurogap and Primus Lab certified, both in the agricultural and the post harvest processes.

Chia as a New Product

It is within the confines of this certified lemon plantation that the Sana Chia project was born. Chia became a new crop for the farm plantation project. Our chia grows next to our world known lime plantation.

To promote Chia as a new product a new partner came to join forces with Luis. Our General Manager, and project leader, discovered the potential of a new super food source that could change the world nutrition standards and brought the project to Luis’s attention. With the clear objective of delivering the absolute best chia in the world, grown in the land where it was originally discovered and helping promote the very people that have grown it for centuries, Juan Pablo Alfaro became the engine behind the Sana Chia project.

With over 15 years experience in the highly competitive telecommunications global business, leading high achieving executives to perform at peak levels, Juan Pablo, better known as JP, has spearheaded the chia revolution in Guatemala and Central America.

We Are Committed to You

Together, Luis and JP form the cornerstone to deliver the absolute best chia in the world to you. From the land of the Mayas, promoting our communities, investing in the necessary technology to bring you the highest quality chia, and leveraging on years of experience delivering the best agricultural products our land can deliver, we bring you Sana Chia.

We are committed to you, our customer, and to our communities to lead the chia revolution!! We chose our brand name to confirm our commitment to health. Sana means: “to heal” or “healthy”. Sana Chia means: Your Key to a Healthy Lifestyle!

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