Chia is the easiest food to integrate to your daily diet. Chia seeds do not have a particular taste that will make it difficult to combine with other foods. In fact, chia seeds will taste like the food you are eating. They will add texture to your food.

Always consume chia seeds with liquids. Preferably use pure water. Chia seeds are hydrophilic, which means that they absorb a lot of fluid. By consuming chia seeds with water, you are guaranteeing many of its most important benefits: hydration and slow release of sugars and food nutrients in your body.

If you are not drinking your chia, but sprinkling the chia on food, or eating it as part of a bar or granola, always follow your intake with a small glass of water. It will make you feel satisfied and very GOOD!

Enjoy our recipes, experiment, comment and add your own chia recipes to our foodie corner!!





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