Probably the most important benefit chia can offer is helping you loose weight. It does so by filling you up with a low calorie highly nutritional gel. Chia is “hydrophilic”, which allows it to swell to 10 times its size when combined with water. So a couple of teaspoons of chia in a glass of water will swell and help you keep your stomach full and fueled. This gel also absorbs sugars in your stomach reducing the levels in your body, which also helps curve the cravings for unhealthy foods.

Chia is full of nutrients and it has a very high percentage of fiber. You must introduce chia slowly into your daily diet to avoid your body reacting too harshly to the fiber in the chia. The fiber in chia will help you dull hunger and keep you from bloating. It will also keep your stools regular.

You must start with a small amount of chia and increment the amount until you eat 15 grams of chia with water before and between meals. You will increment your chia intake during a period of 9 weeks. Follow this daily routine for 3 weeks and increment 5 grams of chia for the next 3-week period until you reach 15 grams of chia per serving:

  • 5 grams of chia in a glass of water 20 minutes before every meal.
  • After the first 2 weeks, add 5 grams of chia in a glass of water to a mid morning and afternoon healthy snack and keep it in the routine.

You can also eat chia as part of your meals or your snack as long as your eating the right amount. Try chia pudding for dessert, or chia fresca instead of water! Enjoy adding chia to your salads, soups or meals. Remember to drink water with chia, and to practice portion control when consuming chia with your food, so as not to overeat.

Always check with your doctor before introducing chia to your diet, in case you may suffer of a specific reason why not to take chia. Chia is a very healthy, low calorie, whole food, with very little known allergy and other ailments, but it’s always good to consult with your doctor.

Remember that chia will be part of your strategy. You must consider many aspects of your diet and daily routine if you want to loose weight. In general terms you will need to: eliminate junk food, introduce vegetables to your diet, drink a lot of water, avoid sodas, alcohol and caffeine, eliminate hydrogenated fats and processed foods, and exercise!

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