Chia has 5 main sources of health for you!


Chia is loaded with Omega-3 fatty acids. Green Med Info has made a list of the 61 benefits Omega-3 fatty acids offer your body! Just in case you want to read all 61 of them!! The short list would be to help lower cholesterol and inflammation in your body, improve brain and nervous system functionality, reduce blood pressure, and support the immune and reproductive systems.


The fiber in chia is powerful. Chia seeds contain 2 types of fiber: dietary fiber and water-soluble fiber. Dietary fiber is what your body uses to keep your digestive system active. Water-soluble fiber makes chia “hydrophilic”, which means, it absorbs a lot of water. When chia is exposed to liquids, it releases its water-soluble fiber into a gel that expands 10 times the size of the original seed. As it absorbs liquids, it also absorbs nutrients, processed carbohydrates and other food goods in your stomach. This creates, a feeling of fullness, which make chia seeds an excellent complement for diets. But, even better, chia fiber gel makes a slow release process of all the water and nutrients in your digestive system. This helps your body keep hydrated for longer periods of time, and helps lower sugar and insulin spikes!!! With more hydration and a slower intake of sugars your body will respond better to everyday demands.


Chia is more than 22% protein!! That is, complete protein, protein your body can use and absorb immediately. The protein in chia seeds contains all of the necessary building blocks (essential amino acids) for the body to put it to work. The body uses proteins to repair tissues, make enzymes, hormones and it’s an important component for bones, muscles, cartilage, skin and blood. Chia is a great source of natural, raw, vegetable based protein.

Micro nutrients and Vitamins

Chia is loaded with micro-nutrients and vitamins. Some of the most important ones are Iron, Calcium, Zinc, Manganese, Vitamin B1, B2 and B3. All of which help your body keep very healthy. This is why eating chia will help your body feel energetic and well nourished. Chia packs in the punch!


Chia is a great source of antioxidants, which will help your body’s immune system and promote healthy cells. A serving of chia seeds contain more than five times the antioxidants of a serving of acai berries.

why eat chia

Sana Chia is all about health and energy for your body

Calorie per calorie, chia is the highest vegetable nutritional source known to man.

Chia is a small grain, but packed with nutritive power. Chia is a whole food that can be consumed raw. A small amount incorporated to your normal everyday diet, will improve your health and feed you, all at the same time!

Chia can also help you support and get better results in your efforts to exercise hard, take care of your diabetes, lower your weight, improve your digestive system, increase your nutrition, improve your nervous system and heart functionality, and that of your family. Please, explore our site to learn how!

Look at the numbers:


That is a total of 25 grams of pure nutrition, not to mention you get 18% of daily recommended amount of Calcium, 30% of Manganese, 30% of Magnesium and 27% or phosphorus, plus Zinc, Iron, Selenium, Copper, and many other micronutrients and vitamins.

This means that out of 1 ounce of chia with 137 calories (36 of which are non digestible calories in the fiber), you get a very large amount of nutrients (over half of the weight of chia are nutrients for your body). This makes chia, one of the highest sources of nutrition calorie for calorie available in the plant world today!

Consider all of this nutrition in a seed that is a whole food, raw, non-GMO, not processed, changed or cooked, vegan, gluten free, and with absolutely no traces of chemicals, and you have the answer to why it’s called a “miracle seed” or a “super food”.

Chia seeds are simply a great source of nutrition in a small package.

Chia is more than just great food!

Chia is Non-GMO, it is Vegan, and it’s also Gluten Free, Soy Free and Lactose Free! Plus you can eat it raw, and it preserves it self very well in cold dry spaces.


The ratio of calories to nutrients of chia makes chia one of the highest sources of nutrients per calorie. Therefore, by including chia to your diet, you power your body with the most nutrient packed calories available in the natural food world. Don’t eat calories with small amounts of nutrients. Eat chia and make each calorie count.

But the best part is that you only need a small amount of chia in your daily diet to gain a lot of health. Plus!!! Chia has no smell or flavor; therefore, combining chia with your normal diet is very simple. Including chia in your daily intake is as easy as drinking a glass of water every day (read our recipe section for great ideas).

Just add chia to your food or drinks. Simply make sure to have chia every day!!! 15 grams of chia a day will make a difference in your health profile when combined with other good foods and exercise. You will notice a huge difference in how you feel.

Chia seeds will help you keep healthy

Just add them to your daily diet and enjoy the benefits of a nutrition packed meal, that will also help keep your digestive, cardiovascular and nervous system healthy, while hydrating your body and boosting your energy.

Visit our recipe section to see many ways of incorporating chia in your daily food.

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