We started our own chia plantations years ago. We dedicated ourselves to discover how to combine the traditional planting techniques of the Maya with innovative ones to promote sustainable, environmental friendly, and high producing plantations.

We promoted the planting of chia in several countries in Central America and are currently working with several sources of natural, chemical free chia. Most of the chia we source from other countries is planted by hand. Though not yet certified, most of our chia is grown organically, with minimal use of any kind of chemical. The chia is planted in small plots that are taken care of by families as part of their yearly income. They combine the plantation of chia with other crops to rotate the land usage and promote soil sustainability.

We are now working with these small communities, providing them with harvest technology that will assure product safety, minimizing seed handling, and help to substantially lower harvest costs.  We are also working with the communities to install proper methods and systems to guarantee product cleanliness and assure world-class standards.

With every pound of chia you purchase from Sana Chia, you promote and help advance the families that own the small farms and communities that supply our chia.


Our Plantations are the foundation of our knowledge about quality Chia

In our own plantation, we use state of the art equipment and ecofriendly chemicals to prepare the soil prior to planting. Most of the resources needed to take care of the plantation, are carefully placed in the soil prior to plantation to protect the plants of any residuals.

The purpose of our plantation is to research chia and discover the absolute best eco-friendly methods of producing chia sustainably, so that we can transfer our knowledge to our communities, large and small. We go to great efforts to test all new technology available to us that can potentially minimize the costs down our own value chain, or add value and higher quality chia. Our research and development will provide us with the key to the future of a sustainable, prime quality supply chain.

We based our business model around the possibility of giving a viable planting option for our communities, and we commit to them by transferring our research and development knowledge and transferring a fair price for their product so that they can progress and grow with us.

We support our growing communities

We use natural well water and rainfall to help our plants grow. We take excellent care of our soil and water sources to protect them for our future plantations. Part of our soil care includes the constant incorporation of organic material into the soil and plant rotation to keep as many nutrients in the field as possible. 

For us, supplying chia, is promoting our communities. It means finding constructive and productive ways of helping our people succeed. Our entire approach is to build strong communities that will benefit economically and nutritionally from planting chia.

We firmly believe in teaching our communities “how to fish”, so to speak. We believe that the best way of helping our countries fight poverty and famine is by creating opportunities for our people to become independent and successful, creating jobs and a sustainable environment for them.

Chia Processing

We pride ourselves with our processing experience and technology. We believe its one of our key differentiators. We approach this part of the business, practically, as its own business unit. It’s in this process where we test every batch of chia for cleanliness and health, as well as guarantee that our customers get the absolute best chia possible.

Utilizing the most advanced mechanical, optical and electronic technology we process every seed in our own facility to guarantee the most clean and nutrient packed chia seed possible. We also make sure to test every batch we process for residuals, and bacteria, assuring you, our customer, clean, healthy, nutrient packed chia.

We process chia in three main stages:

  1. Cleaning machinery, where we use sifters and advanced wind tunnel technology to free the chia seeds from organic foreign materials.
  2. Densimetric technology, to select the seeds by weight per volume. Essentially assuring that you get the highest nutrient packed chia possible.
  3. Electronic eye sorting, to select all chia seeds with improper coloring. This guarantees you the absolute best chia seeds available today!

We leave no stone unturned to promote excellence and healthy eating!


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