Products Asia (NOPA) Expo in Hong Kong

Jan 26, 2015

Products Asia (NOPA) Expo in Hong Kong


In August 2014, Sana Chia was introduced to retailers in the Asian markets at the Natural and Organic

Products Asia (NOPA) Expo in Hong Kong.

The Asian version of its very successful European counterpart was held for the first time in the East and attracted thousands of retailers and purchasers from all around Asia. Even though it is a new format, the expo is already one of the most important events for the natural and organic industry in Hong Kong, notonly in the area of food and beverages, but also in beauty care and natural living.

Sana Chia was one of two exhibitors displaying chia seeds, but the only Latin American high-end consumer brand. The interest in Sana Chia among visitors was big and ranged from businesses from Sri Lanka, over India, to Japan, all the way to the Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia. In addition to retailers, Sana Chia was introduced to restaurants, cooks, fitness clubs and many other business areas.

In consideration of the big response and in order to continue being an active member of the natural and organic products industry in Hong Kong, Sana Chia is looking forward to participating again and exhibit chia seeds at the NOPA 2015.

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