Sana Chia with Lemon

Jan 19, 2015

Sana Chia with Lemon






Try squeezing two limes or lemons into a glass (about 2 oz of liquid juice).  Use a small colander to remove seeds and pulp from the juice. Then add two and a half tea spoons of chia (this is about 15 grams of chia, or ½ an ounce) and stir. Leave the mixture overnight in your refrigerator. Next morning, eat the lemon pudding with a spoon. There is no need to chew the mixture if you do not like the acidity. Follow it with a small glass of water. This morning ritual is rich in protein, fiber and vitamin C, as well as natural antioxidants, which will help boost your body‘s immune system. Please do not eat this if you suffer from acid reflux or have problems with acidic foods.

You can use this lime pudding as the basis for a morning or mid afternoon lemonade. Just add a couple of tablespoons of the mixture in a glass of water (about 7 oz of water), add brown sugar to your liking and you will have a very nutritious and delicious lemonade. Better known as Chia Fresca! Add a couple of ice cubes for a super refreshing natural drink.

You can make a pitcher of lemonade and add chia to it and serve it with a  straw or a spoon to allow for people to stir the seeds and drink them with the lemonade. This is a very powerful source of vitamin C and nutrition, when the chia is added. Remember to add about 15 grams of chia for every 8 oz of lemonade to get the full benefits. You can add less chia, just to add a fun factor to your lemonade.

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