Sprinkled Chia

Jan 19, 2015

Sprinkled Chia






Just sprinkle chia on top of your favorite salads, bagels with cream cheese, noodles or any other favorite cold dish. The chia will add nutrition (as long as you use, at least 15 grams or 2 ½ teaspoons of chia seeds) and it will add a fun crunch to your meal.  Chia will also help to give you a sensation of fullness.  It’s a great way to help you loose weight, when controlling the hunger pangs of a small serving. This is one of the easiest ways of eating your chia. Remember that the chia will not add flavor or odor to your food. Therefore, when you add chia to a dish, you add nutrition, crunch and fun.  Also remember to always follow your dry chia intake with a glass of water. Chia will soak up any liquid. Feed your self with chia and water. The chia soaked in water (even in your stomach), will help keep you hydrated and healthy for a longer period of time.  Also remember that chia will not make an unhealthy meal healthy. So please remember to keep eating healthy foods with your chia, to improve all your benefits.

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